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Validation & ID Protection (VIP) helps protect your accounts and your identity by requiring a unique security code, in addition to your user name and password, to access your online accounts. While user names and passwords can be guessed or otherwise discovered, only you have access to the application that generates the security codes required to validate your identity.

How to use a security code

Each time you Sign In to a VIP member Web site, enter your user name, password, and a new security code. For details on VIP member Web sites, click the Where to Use tab at the top of this page.

For more information on Validation & ID Protection, view a demo (requires the Adobe Flash player).

Click a link below to find out more about the different credential types:

VIP Access for Mobile VIP Access Desktop VIP Security Card VIP Security Token
 VIP Access for Mobile   VIP Access Desktop   VIP Security Card   VIP Security Token 

Support Information

For details on known issues, see:
VIP Access Knowledge Center

Protect Your Online Accounts
Add a stronger layer of protection for your online accounts and transactions by using Validation & ID Protection.
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